Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Mimo passive radar for estimating target parameters    Ph.D    Sajjadi, Seyyed Mohammad    2010-02-07
2    Multi-carreier cognetive software radio    Ph.D    Rajabzadeh, Morteza    2010-10-28
3    A new method for combating errors in video communication    M.Sc.    hamed, javad    2011-06-18
4    wireless optical ofdm systems    M.Sc.    JavidiNiroumand, Faride    2012-06-16
5    Nonlinear adaptive equlizing and bemforming in wireless chanels    M.Sc.    Naseri Tehrani, Mohammad    2013-03-09
6    Information Theoretic analysis of Special Communication Channels in Presence of Side Information and Cognition    Ph.D    fehri, hamed    2013-05-16
7    spectrum evaluation of cluster co-operative multi-anntenas in cognitive radio    M.Sc.    Parvizi, Amirreza    2013-06-15
8    Co-Operative ARQ protocol    M.Sc.    Mehbodnia, Mohammad    2014-01-04
9    Secure Capacity in MIMO-OFDM Systems    M.Sc.    Mir, Mahdi    2014-02-08
10    UW-OFDM Modulation Technique    M.Sc.    Sabeti, Soroush    2014-02-08
11    MIMO Radar Frequency hopping signal design    M.Sc.    hosseini, maryam    2014-06-14
12    Resource Allocation and Beamforming in Relay Cognitive Radio    Ph.D    Abbasi, Mohsen    2014-06-18
13    Channel estimation and beamforming in millimeter wave systems    Ph.D    Shakhsi Dastgahian, Majid    2015-01-29
14    capacity and information Rate analysis of phase noise channels    M.Sc.    Vahedi Tabas, Hamed    2015-03-14
15    ISI cancellation in Indoor wireless communication    M.Sc.    Akbari, Khadije    2015-04-20
16    Robust Adaptive Beamforming    M.Sc.    abbasi dezfuli, ali    2015-06-10
17    Capacity Region of Secondary Gaussian Multiple Access Channel with Feedback (Two Transmitters)    M.Sc.    saberi, asem    2016-03-12
18    Survey of Secondary Channel Physical Layer Security in Cognetive Radio Communication    M.Sc.    kamali najaf abad, nazanin    2016-05-21
19    channel Estimation of OFDM communication Systems    M.Sc.    ramazanpour, emad    2016-12-31
20    Multitask Learning Over Adaptive Networks Based on Information Theoretic Criterion    Ph.D    Hajiabadi, Mojtaba    2017-09-17
21    PAPR reduction for non-systematic UW-OFDM systems    M.Sc.    moaveni, shima    2017-11-01
22    Speech Emotion Recognition By Fusion of Fourier and MFCC features    M.Sc.    AL Dujaili, Mohammed    2017-12-02